Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue

Sustainability is at the heart of Lantall Weddings & Celebrations. We are committed to securing the planet for future generations and are proud to offer an eco-friendly space for our guests. We use environmentally-friendly goods, reduce our fossil fuel use as much as possible and ensure that we do not cause environmental damage.

Lanttalack wedding eco friendly venue

Our gardens and fields are open for children to play freely in nature as we believe that when children engage with nature they learn to respect the natural environment and realise their relationship with it.


Polly’s Bower cottage has been converted to a very high standard using locally sourced materials, including all the FSC timber, slates and contractors. Windows are double-glazed and chemical-free paint has been used throughout. All wood for the log burner comes from the estate and we use low-energy light bulbs and fair trade, eco-friendly products in all our properties. We also offer guests access to our carbon neutral swimming pool.


Lantall Weddings & Celebrations aims to “Go Local”, serving local food and beverages to decrease our carbon footprint, and all food is organic, grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.

Our breakfasts are made with organic products with the eggs coming from our own hens and sausages and bacon from our hand-reared pigs.

organic eggs coming from our own hens

Our food is local where possible and sustainably sourcing. We contract with the best fishermen and farmers around the south-west coast to bring the finest food to us, with food delivered in fully recyclable packaging. By sourcing direct and paying a fair price for responsibly raised meat and caught fish, they can make a sustainable business in Cornwall, now and for future generations.

Countryside stewardship

Lantall Weddings & Celebrations has been part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme. We have rebuilt traditional Cornish stone walls on the estate as well as planting hedgerows and over 100 fruit trees. To mark your special occasion, you have the opportunity of planting a young apple, symbolizing love, beauty and generosity. A tree planting ceremony can be incorporated into your wedding or vow renewal celebrations.

Lantallack has been part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme

Lantall Weddings & Celebrations also produces delicious organic apple juice from our own orchard, blended from many different varieties of Cornish apples including ‘Tommy Knight’, ‘Venus Pippin’, ‘Manaccan Primrose’ and ‘The Rattler’ among others. We do not use herbicides or pesticides.


Our Lawn Terrace is lit by solar-powered lighting, from the decking around the lily pond to the fairy lights on the fruit trees in the orchard; the effect is magical. Residents of the cottages have exclusive use of our solar-heated swimming pool.

We have connections with trusted local suppliers for locally sourced flowers for bouquets, button holes and other décor.

Lantall Weddings & Celebrations also works with sustainable suppliers of recycled decorations such as jars and vases which can help you create the décor you want at the celebrations.


By 2050, if we don’t make considerable changes, there will be more plastic in the world’s seas by weight than there are fish. Plastic pollution is a priority issue today and is frequently top of the global environmental agenda, as David Attenborough recently documented in the programme Blue Planet.

At Lantallack we keep the use of plastics to a minimum

At Lantall Weddings & Celebrations we keep the use of plastics to a minimum and aim to become waste neutral in this respect. This means we do not use single-use plastics such as straws and plastic water bottles. We offer water in glass bottles that are sent for recycling. Our preferred caterers also all have environmentally-conscious policies in place settings at their events.

At Lantall Weddings & Celebrations our policy is to recycle everything we possibly can. We harvest rainwater to water our heritage apple orchard saplings and to nurture the hedgerows being planted to encourage wildlife. We also have a recycling point for paper, plastics and glass.


With so many sights and landmarks to visit within 10-15 miles on Lantall Weddings & Celebrations, you can visit these destinations in just 20-30 minutes by car. This includes visits south to one of the beautiful beaches near Looe or travel north to experience the history and rugged beauty of Bodmin Moor. Where possible, we encourage car sharing between guests coming from the same area.

Lantall Weddings & Celebrations is committed to sustainability, and we are continually progressing and evolving the way they we do things to protect the mother nature.